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Best Time of Year for
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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
When You Should Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning

There is something unique and wonderful about each of the four seasons here in Richmond TX and Houston. We each have our favorite time of the year, for various reasons.

Here at One of a Kind Pros, we are professional carpet cleaners, and we often get asked: “what is the best time of year to have our carpets professionally cleaned?”

Carpet manufacturers recommend a professional deep cleaning once or twice every year, depending on your lifestyle and home conditions.

It can be a healthy debate when deciding which time of year to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Our busiest season is Spring – after families spend a long winter mostly indoors. Or second busiest is usually the Fall, as families begin to prepare for the holiday season and for having guests over. But Winter and Summer are also fine choices, depending on your lifestyle, values, and preferences.

Ideally, of course, it would be nice to have all of your carpets cleaned every season. But, being practical, most of us don’t have the time or resources to make that happen.

So, you might wonder if there’s a specific season in which you’ll get the most out of a deep carpet cleaning.

Spoiler alert: Ultimately, it’s going to come down to your family’s lifestyle and your personal values.

But let’s talk through some reasons and benefits for choosing a specific season over the others.

Carpet Cleaning in the Spring

Spring is typically one of the most popular seasons for a deep, professional carpet cleaning. You’re starting to open your doors and windows to let fresh warm air into your home, and you want to remove the dirt and debris and oily airborne residues that settle and accumulate in your carpet over the long Winter months.

If you have an annual Spring Cleaning regimen, dirt from other projects end up on your floors and carpet. So, after you’ve cleaned everything else – including your baseboards, ceiling fans, walls, window sills and blinds – that may be a great time to have your carpets deeply and thoroughly cleaned by a professional hot water extraction service.

Remember: Your carpet acts as a primary air filter for your home. So, a thorough cleaning in the Spring will be like changing your air filter. So, when Spring allergens and pollens come in through your open windows, your filter will be in top condition!

Carpet Cleaning in the Summer

If you’re looking to remove the pollen that floats in through the open windows in the Spring, and clean up the chunks of soil tracked in on your kids’ shoes as they begin to go outside more, you may want to clean your carpets in the Summer. Nothing wrong with that.

Plus, with warmer weather, your carpet will tend to dry faster, and you can leave your carpet to dry inside and spend those hours out in the beautiful weather.

You may typically spend a lot more time outdoors in the Summer, and many families take Summer vacations before the kids go back to school. This might be a good time to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned. Is it the best time of year to clean? It may be for many people. As usual, it really depends on your preferences, your lifestyle, and your values.

Carpet Cleaning in the Fall

The Fall is our second-most popular time of year to have carpets cleaned. A lot of people consider Fall to be one of the best seasons for a deep professional carpet cleaning, so your home will be ready for the holiday season, and your home will be clean for the time you spend inside during the Winter.

It may be most important to you to have your carpets cleaned before the holidays, especially if you have (fussy) holiday guests over for Thanksgiving and other Winter holidays. If it’s most important for you to make the best impression for your holiday guests, this may be the time of year you choose to have your carpets cleaned by a professional that uses hot water extraction.

Another thing to consider is that kids typically go back to school in the Fall, so this may be your ideal time to clean up after a messy Summer while the kids are out of the house in school.

Carpet Cleaning in the Winter

Finally, maybe you’d rather remove all the unhealthy pollutants from your carpet when you’ll be exposed to them the most. A Winter carpet cleaning is a great way to improve air quality in the environment where you’ll be spending the majority of your time.

Winter sets in, and the house is bundled up tight, with no open windows or doors. Winter is the season in which you will spend the most time indoors. The days are shorter and there’s not much going on outside.

You’ll come home to a warm house day after day, and maybe you’ll curl up with a book by the fireplace in your favorite recliner.

Or maybe you’ll snuggle up with your family pet on the couch and watch TV and movies. This is why some of our clients choose Winter to have their upholstery and carpets cleaned, and enjoy your time indoors. It will not only improve your indoor air quality but also your mood.


We provide top-rated professional carpet cleaning all year, because our clients have varying preferences.

The carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning with hot water extraction every 6-18 months, depending on your lifestyle. But they don’t have any recommendations about any particular time of year. It all depends on your lifestyle and values.

But hold on. Pro cleaning doesn’t have to be all-at-once. We can get creative. All homes are different, and we can customize a program for you to keep your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and even your tile and grout surfaces healthy and  clean to your highest standards, with a program that fits your needs based on the amount and frequency that your family needs.

For example, we can clean your stairs, hallway, and living room twice per year and the rest of your home once per year. We can even offer you some significant savings the more often you have us clean the carpets, upholstery, tile, or rugs. Give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to help! Your friends at One of a Kind Pros are at your service.

To arrange for a professional carpet cleaning, contact us today for a free estimate.


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