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Area Rugs
Importance & Maintenance

The Importance of
Area Rugs in Your Home

Installing new carpeting and other types of flooring can be a very costly process. One of our missions at One of a Kind Pros is to provide you with some helpful ideas and the most practical ways to keep your floors safe and extend the life of your carpet. While there are many ways to keep up the integrity of your carpet by reducing unnecessary wear and tear, today we will be focusing on the importance of area rugs and what role they can play within your household.

How Area Rugs Add to Your Home

Adding an area rug to your space could offer more than just a different stylistic approach to a room - especially if there is already carpet in the home.  Not only do area rugs add a sense of personal flair and depth to your living space, they also aid in protecting your floors, reducing noise, and even add a sense of warmth to the room.

Reducing Wear

Over time, your carpet - and other types of flooring - will naturally experience the wear that comes with everyday use. As you regularly walk around your home, patterns of foot traffic naturally begin to form. These patterns create a matted-down path where the floors will begin to wear down at a faster rate than the rest of the carpeted area. With carpets - and even in home with wood flooring - adding an area rug can help slow down, and even stop the unwanted strain on your floors and carpet.

To accomplish this household hack, simply add area rugs - large or small - to parts of the home that experience frequent foot traffic. Rearranging, rotating, or switching up the size and location of your area rugs will keep your flooring happy and protected from wear.

Adding Warmth

Adding an area rug to your living space can add warmth to a room - especially if the existing flooring is not carpet. After all, what is there to dislike about having a soft, cushioned flooring beneath your feet? Even if you already have carpet in the home, an area rug can help maintain that inviting feeling while adding an additional layer of protection to the integrity of your flooring. Additionally, area rugs can aid in keeping a room warm by providing additional insulation within the house. Not only are you going to reduce wear on your carpet, you can help regulate and maintain a warm, cozy environment in cold weather conditions.

Noise Reduction

Having a large open area in your home or at your office can be great,  but the unfortunate reality is that large areas have a higher risk of sound waves traveling freely and creating unwanted echos. While having wall-to-wall carpeting in a room can already reduce how well noise travels within the space, adding an area rug or two can help in reducing any extra reverberation that occurs.

Interesting Idea: Don’t stop at adding rugs to your floor or carpet, try hanging a rug on your wall to help reduce any excess noise.

The Importance of Adding a Rug Pad

While there are an abundance of area rugs available for purchase, what many people do not realize is the importance of also having a rug pad (also known as a rug mat) underneath your rugs. It may seem straightforward to invest in a small rug and simply place it over your flooring, but the truth is that having a pad for your area rug is an important addition.

Protect Carpet

One of the main reasons to add a carpet pad between your carpet and your area rug is to create an added level of protection. While the area rug itself is meant to protect your carpets, there is a chance of color transferring from your rug to your carpeting. Additionally, the movement caused by the lack of a pad could add more of a strain to the fibers of your carpet. Ensure your flooring is sufficiently protected by adding a rug pad under your area rugs.

Prevent Slipping

Outside of creating a protective barrier, having a pad for your rug to sit on ensures that your rug doesn't budge. Even when a rug is placed on top of wall to wall carpeting, there is still the risk of shuffling or movement. A pad ensures that there’s minimal friction to the flooring below, and makes sure that your rugs stay in place.

How to Maintain Your Area Rugs

In order to get the most out of your rugs, it is important to keep a routine maintenance schedule for cleaning. While regular vacuuming is necessary, your rugs will also periodically need a deep clean. Thankfully, area rugs are a little more forgiving and a bit easier to clean than your standard wall to wall carpet. A clean rug is crucial in ensuring the quality and longevity of your home.

Professional VS DIY Cleaning

What type of cleaning your rug needs is heavily dependent on two factors: 1) the quality of your rug, and 2) the soil level. For a simple and inexpensive throw rug, using an over-the-counter carpet cleaning solution and your garden hose may do the trick. But for rugs with a higher quality or rugs that are heavily soiled, we strongly suggest calling a professional like One of a Kind Pros.

When it comes to professional cleanings, One Of A Kind Pros is happy to come to you and deep clean your rugs with our professional equipment.

Call the Pros - At One Of A Kind Pros!

For all of your carpet and rug cleaning needs, call One Of A Kind Pros to handle the job. We’re equipped with the tools and work ethic to deliver the best service you’ll get around town. With years of experience under our belt and a staff fueled by passion, we can bring your residence or business back up to your healthy and clean standards. Call us or book an appointment online, today!

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